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Advantage Alliance Partner Network

Ensure CRM Success for Your Customers

One big concern that a lot of our partners come to us with is they’ve heard some scary stories about CRM. They’ve heard CRM products have a tendency to fail and I hate to say it, but that is true.

One of the things you should know about us though is we have been doing this for a long time. We have hundreds of successful implementations under our belt. We do everything with a structured methodology. We have a fixed fee implementation, so the customers know exactly what they’re getting. We have a good, better, best kind of pricing model, so customers can fit their budget and their needs in with our offerings.

We put a money-back guarantee on top of everything, so if a customer’s not happy, they can get their money back. We’ve only had to give money back twice in the last six years. That says something about how we can help your customers be successful with CRM.

There’s a lot of failed projects out there with CRM. We won’t let that happen with your customers.

Join the QuantaCRM Advantage Alliance and help your customers succeed with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.