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Advantage Alliance Partner Network

Ensure CRM Success for Your Customers

A lot of our partners come to us and say, “Our customers don’t ask us about CRM. We don’t need CRM. Why would I partner with you? Pete, you seem like a great guy, but there’s just no need.”

Well, I’ll tell you what. We get that issue a lot, and what’s really happening for a lot of our partners is this: your customers know you so well for what you do, they don’t think to ask about things that are outside that scope.

So your customers may need CRM, and in fact I would probably guarantee your customers are looking into CRM. CRM is a growing category, it’s a growing need for small business. Your customers are looking into CRM—they’re just not telling their non-CRM partners.

So we will work with you to do some joint marketing at no charge. We’ll uncover any interest in your base for CRM, and then let your customers know that you provide CRM now through your partner. And we’ll take care of your customers, take care of you, and make sure your customers don’t go to another partner who provides CRM and your services.

Join the QuantaCRM Advantage Alliance and help your customers succeed with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.