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Ensure CRM Success for Your Customers

A question we get asked a lot is why not Salesforce? Why are we recommending Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, the Microsoft CRM product? The answer to that is two fold:

First, for our small business customers, Salesforce is usually just too big for them. It’s like taking a semi-truck to go to the grocery store every other week. It’s just too much, it’s too expensive, it’s too unwieldy. Dynamics is focused on the small business market.

Second, Microsoft is investing heavily in Dynamics CRM. They are putting a lot of research into this. User experiences are improving. They have integration with the Office platform. They have integration with Azure. They’ve got Flow and PowerApps. They’re building this Cloud stack which is just amazing. Small businesses are going to benefit from all that.

Dynamics is more affordable and more flexible, and that’s what small businesses want. That’s why we recommend Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales.

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